Steve Evans: Technical Director

Responsible for all aspects of technical strategy and code development.

Dr Rob Finean: Director of Product Marketing

Responsible for product marketing, feature sets and optimising user experience.

Martin Higham: Platform Architect

Responsible for the core cross-platform product architecture, performance management and scalability.

Ed Moore: Commercial Director

Responsible for sales, marketing, partnerships and company administration.


WiderWeb was begun in 2003 to aid web site owners in adding accessibility to their web sites, to meet the requirements of the UK Disability Discrimination Act and supported by the DTI Research & Development Grant scheme. Understanding the W3C accessibility rules is a very complex undertaking and given usual resource constraints many companies struggle to address the issue. WiderWeb was designed to take this headache away, providing an easy to implement solution at minimal cost and inconvenience.

WiderWeb technology is now deployed primarily at simplifying usage of the Mobile Internet. The area remains at the first stages of development with very little browsing being attempted from the hundreds of millions of phones deployed across the world. Content adaptation and optimisation holds the promise of uniting the mobile web and mainstream web and thus generating a whole new way of using the 'One Web'.


724 Solutions Inc (Reseller & Technology Partner)

Adamind (Reseller & Technology Partner)

Zeus Technology (Technology Partner)


Hutchison 3G UK (External Link)

Hutchison 3G IE (External Link)

Amstrad (External Link)