WiderWeb Mobile

What is the problem?

A conundrum: There are now far more mobile devices with web browsers than there are desktop PCs with browsers but web sites and browsing activity are overwhelmingly PC based. This has been caused by a vicious circle where browsing activity is low so there is little incentive for web site owners to redevelop sites - with so few sites available mobile browsing stays low! 

Mobile browsing has historically been restricted by the use of it's technology including WAP and WML. This situation has now improved with the XHTML and HTTP standards being adopted and richer devices becoming more capable, but many problems still exist for broad web browsing. These include limited support for script and applets, Frames being excluded and CSS limited, plus the more limited screen size. To enable mobile devices to access standard web sites aid is still required.

How does WiderWeb Mobile help?

By taking away the complexity of sites from the browser, delivering only the core page features tailored to these smaller devices. We deliver pages in XHTML/MP format (Mobile Profile) while ensuring the server considers the session to be that of a fully compliant PC browser.

Two further benefits are:

WiderWeb Mobile Features:

User Sessions:

  • SSL session handling
  • Proxy script execution
  • Permanent and session cookie handling
  • Page caching control
  • User session timeouts - set time to live
  • Session creation & tear down

Page Handling:

  • Transcoding to compliant XHTML/MP
  • Analysis of script execution results
  • Flattening Frames
  • Removing unnecessary code
  • Removing Style
  • Applet launch control
  • Image manipulation & reduction
  • Menu simplification

Network Management:

  • Cookie management
  • Network Bearer independence
  • Session tracking
  • Browser detection or server over-ride
  • SSL session support forcing or removal


  • 'End of Page' marker changing
  • Site wide over-rides
  • Browser over-rides
  • Allow or disallow user preferences

Data Sheet:

Please download our product data sheet for further information (PDF format)